Mounting unmodified Industar-69 on Micro 4/3 with infinity focus

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Mounting unmodified Industar-69 on Micro 4/3 with infinity focus

Received an Industar-69 a couple of days ago, still on a Chaika-3 half frame camera. Bought it that way because it was less money than any of the lens-alone prices on eBay, and I do have a bit of a camera collection anyway.

Of course, a problem as anyone interested will know of is that mounting this lens on a micro 4/3 camera using a standard M39 adapter means no focusing to infinity as the Chaika has a compatible screw mount but shorter back-focus (27.5 instead of 28.8 mm, according to some sources).

One way to get around this is to modify the lens--there are at least a couple of places on the web with info on disassembling it and grinding down internal parts so the focusing helical retracts further.

That looked like a pain, and I hate to do messy modifications if I can avoid it. It occurred to me that there is another approach--just take a standard M39 adapter and make it 1.3 mm less thick.

A friend with a metal lathe did this in about 5 minutes, just removed 1.3 mm from the front face of a cheap eBay adapter. It works nicely, allows infinity focus (a bit more than, actually, I suspect he took off about .1 mm too much). Somehow this seems a more elegant solution, and certainly easier in some ways. It would probably be possible to accomplish using a grinder if you were careful, and if you go really wrong, all that you've spoiled is an adapter, which can be had for less than $10.

Have only had a preliminary play with it, but it does make a very elegant pancake lens, and the swirling bokeh effects it makes on out-of-focus leaves in backgrounds of closeups are quite appealing. Not a bad addition for a total investment of about $32.
Ross Alford

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