85mm 1.8 good portraiture lens with decent price.

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85mm 1.8 good portraiture lens with decent price.

Big Hi all,

I am looking for good portraiture lens and to be used for some indoor actions as short fast telelens.

so I was thinking of getting the nikkor 85mm 1.8 AF ( which I have would have to use MF as my D3100 won't auto focus).

is it worth getting 85mm 1.8? I already have 70-300mm VR II 3.5G,I can use the 70-300mm and increase the ISO a bit so I get fast telelens and I can use it for portraiture shoots but won't get the sharp shoots as the prime lenses does.

I already have fast prime lens, 35mm 1.8 VR, but its not good for face and shoulder portraiture, as it make the subject to have big ears or nose or bigger chicks :D.

I am poor man son (still student) , and really I have to fight and work hard to earn every single $ so I rather to save the money for school but I am fascinated by photography as many people are .

is it worth getting the 85mm 1.8 lens for portraiture? or get a macro lens and use it for portraiture as well? how about Nikkor 105mm f​ 2.8G AF​-S VR Micro? but its still expensive, any alternatives for Macro photography and portraiture? I did try extension Tubes on 70-300mm, but I found it hard to move and focus the lens (it become very heavy.).

should I save the money and get better camera? I am not sure its good idea upgrading to FX, as it will require a lot of money and I am the poor man son

I was thinking of upgrading to d7000, what are you thoughts on this suggestion?

my specs are:
18-55m 3.5g VR, 35mm 1.8 AFS, 70-300mm VR II 3.5G.
SB-700 speedlgiht flash.

here is a link to my flickr photos

please let me know what you think of the photos, as all feedback are important to me to improve my photography skills.

I am sorry for the long post!!! but I really need the advise of an experience photographers as where I do live there is a big lack of this experience so I have to find my way alone.

Thank you,

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