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Re: Adobe's Photoshop - Sensational news / demo


photoshop cs5 was a major upgrade, so according to tradition, photoshop 6 is a minor upgrade...
Some new features but not as much as in photoshop 5.

we'll see.

PhotoArtKC wrote:

Thanks for sharing! That's interesting... I do see some potential uses for this. However, will it ship with CS6 is the million dollar question.

Honestly, I'd cull anything that blurred before I even took the next shot, but I suspect it could prove useful for bringing out "hidden" detail in mediocre lenses and very subtle shake that isn't evident until previewing on a larger screen at full crop. I can also see lots of forensic uses for this.

I do wish we could see a 100% crop of the before and after images for comparison. Clearly it impressed the audience, but so did some of the features that they showed off before CS5 went live and in practical use they were far less impressive or left artifacts behind that in some cases were significant.

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