No in-body stabilization in Nex. Stupid!(?)

Started Oct 10, 2011 | Discussions thread
idlecynic New Member • Posts: 11
IS is good... if you have it

Dennis, this is the point exactly. Canon and Nikon (and now Panasonic) offer IS on many lenses so they don't need in-body IS. Also, they have pretty much made it clear that in-lens IS is all they're going to offer in the foreseeable future. They used to offer IS on teles only, then on standard zooms as well and now they even do it on wide-angle- witness the new Nikon 16-35 4.0 VR! I got a second-hand Canon 5D and I made sure I bought an IS lens for it.

I absolutely agree that in-lens IS is better, especially for teles (the stabilized viewfinder is a big help) but you need to have it. Sony/Minolta never made any IS lenses until now and still only a limited selection for the E-mount. So, for owners of A-mount lenses the NEX offers no IS solution. I would have loved to be able to use my A-mount glass on NEX-7 even with the ugly adapter but now I'm thinking of buying the A35 instead.

Yes, Sony will probably still get a sale from me. But this is not the point.

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