No in-body stabilization in Nex. Stupid!(?)

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NEX was conceived as P&S Upgrade

The controls and marketing for the original NEX clearly aimed at P&S upgraders. The extensive firmware Sony later released shows Sony re-calibrated based on market response. It turned out that enthusiasts also wanted mirrorless, and they were choosing NEX for IQ even though the Panasonic and Olympus offerings had more lenses and controls better to enthusiast taste.

Ironically both Sony and m43 adjusted; new Nexes are more pro-ish and newer low-end m43 cameras are dumbed down.

This means Sony made their initial in-body vs. optical IS decision before they realized significant numbers would use adapters to mount SLR primes and before they realized that prime lenses would be important in the market. Who knows if they would have made the same decision had they known how events would unfold?

Another point; in-body IS is a huge advantage for Alpha, but A mount has tons of legacy and current lenses that can use it, and when it was introduced KM had and needed a killer sales point. NEX has no legacy base. Sony has less of a sales edge offering it for NEX.

Yes, Sony could include it in a future NEX. Does that seem like something they would actually do? Me neither. The only path I see is if the LA-EA2 is a big seller and high-end people with a lot of Alpha lenses embrace high-end NEXes. Since these are Sony lenses Sony would have an incentive to please these customers.

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