D3/D700/D300s Sandisk issues

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D3/D700/D300s Sandisk issues

Seeking some help here.

I have a d3, d700 and d300s. Several months ago using some of the newer Sandisk extreme cards I started getting intermittent card errors. It was very tough to pinpoint but through a LOT of testing and sending all my cameras into Nikon to be checked it turns out that I have a 10 sandisk cards with errors. Not only did I test, test and retest with my camera, but I also borrowed a friends D3 and was able to duplicate the issue. The card would stop writing, show CD on the lcd and then flash 0 and not take any more photos. The same issue, with the same cards on four different cameras.

Sandisk initially had me reformat the cards on my computer which seemed to solve the problem but only did so for a few days, then the issue happened again. They exchanged 6 cards and are now exchanging 10 cards.

Anyone else have anything even remotelly similar to this?

I'm pulling my hair out over this. I would also note that I have a few sandisk cards working without issue and NONE of my lexar cards have had any of the same issues.

To say I've lost faith in their products would be an understatement. This has cost me a great deal of time and money-not to mention a client I lost due to missing images due to the failures.....


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