No in-body stabilization in Nex. Stupid!(?)

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Re: No in-body stabilization in Nex But In lens stabilization!

gfrensen wrote:

But IBIS is not always as great as it sounds. It has to be put off when on a tripod,

It is consumming extra battery power (not important when you can shoot 1000 pictures on one nbattery load, but when it comes down to 300-400 it might be a problem. The IBIS system can go wrong andbreak downs (there ar post to proof it). IBIS need to know the FL of your lens or it will be not effective, but can easely ruin your shots. So it only works on adapted lenses when you can tell your camera at what FL you are shooting, a problem with adapted zoom lenses....

OS also has to be turned off when on a tripod.

OS also uses battery power.

OS can break.

IBIS will know the focal length when lens is attached or you type it in if it's a manual lens. Even if it didn't how is that a knock against it since having it for a lens that would normally have nothing only puts you ahead. That adapted zoom lens would have nothing, so something is better than nothing no?

So you just rattled off a bunch of points that don't really say anything at all. I think I need a break from this place...not even thought before people post.

And no, I'm not a proponent of one over the other. I just prefer discussing the differences factually and not making things up to support some irrational belief.

People tell themselves things to support a belief instead of believing things based on evidence. There's a fancy word for it that I can't recall...but man, this whole forum should be named after it.

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