No in-body stabilization in Nex. Stupid!(?)

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Re: No in-body stabilization in Nex But In lens stabilization!

I've thought a long time if I would react on thios poast. I don't like the tone of the OP andI surtanly don't like the tone of some answers to that post.
I will give my two cents to this thread:

I own both an A700 with IBIS and a Nex5 without IBIS.
Both stabilisation systems have their advantages and disadvantages.:

IBIS is great, it gives stabilisation with ALL A-mount lenses, that is great! It is one of the reasons I bought My Minolta 7D and later the A700!

But IBIS is not always as great as it sounds. It has to be put off when on a tripod, It is consumming extra battery power (not important when you can shoot 1000 pictures on one nbattery load, but when it comes down to 300-400 it might be a problem. The IBIS system can go wrong andbreak downs (there ar post to proof it). IBIS need to know the FL of your lens or it will be not effective, but can easely ruin your shots. So it only works on adapted lenses when you can tell your camera at what FL you are shooting, a problem with adapted zoom lenses....

ILS systems have some strong points over IBIS: like the the IS can be tailor made to the FL of the lens, it don't use as much battery power, it will not heat up the sensor during video, it can have the IS specialy made for video (like on the 18-200mm zoom lens)

Would I like to have IBIS on the Nex? YES!

Is it wrong from Sony to switch to ILS? NO (look at the many threads at the Minolta and Sony DSLR forum when people have to defend the IBIS system. The only reason Minolta, Sony, Pentax and Olympus went IBIS was for the lack of ILS lenses... Accespting the downsites of the system and advertising the upsites of it.

When you think you NEED IBIS then you have to go for a different camera and start shooting, If you want to go with the Nex, accept the downsides of the ILS system and go shooting.
I don't care with what camera: GO SHOOTING!

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