No in-body stabilization in Nex. Stupid!(?)

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Re: Stupid? No. Worse.....

pabloman wrote:

Yet, the vast majority of stills shooters are just typical herd-type ignorants, who go with the crowd without using their brain. They just don't care about paying more money for the larger stabilized lenses.

Nikon 16-85 for $650 versus CZ 16-80 for $850 ...

Nikon 70-200 II for $2180 versus Sony 70-200 for $2000 and the Nikon is sharper, faster, with amazing VR.

It's insulting to suggest that the vast majority of photographers are stupid just because they haven't chosen the rebel path. Until recently, Sony had few affordable primes that made IBIS beneficial (versus ILIS which is commonly available in the competitions lineups). Until the SLT came along, you didn't get a stabilized VF image with IBIS. Now that those benefits are here, you have IBIS which causes sensor heating resulting in video shutdowns, so new cameras offer electronic IS, and some Alpha users are choosing Sigma OS lenses for video recording.

I've been using Maxxum for 20 years; I appreciate IBIS, but I can't say I would choose Sony if buying from scratch today.

Thank god for Pentax Olympus and SONY for putting IBIS into their cameras!

And yet Sony opted against IBIS for NEX. They have IBIS for Alpha because KM had IBIS for Maxxum and they had IBIS for Maxxum because they went years without any IS and saw an opportunity with digital. Ditto Pentax.

Just a big pity and fail, that they omitted it on the NEX !

It may be disappointing to some - I'd be happy if it had IBIS. But that doesn't make it a failure.

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