No in-body stabilization in Nex. Stupid!(?)

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Re: No in-body stabilization in Nex. Stupid!(?)

NO IFs and BUTs !

IBIS is a great feature. Shooting pictures gives you much better outcomes, no matter the ISO. Besides that. High ISO good or bad, stabilized ISO 100 or 200 is always better to be used than ISO 800 or 1600. So don't argue on this.

In lowlight, the stuff, I can shoot with my EP-1 on low ISO, is much better than that "good high ISO" of the NEX, the fanboys here proll so much about.

I love my NEX 3 and 5N very much. They are great for the bright part of the day. However, they still can't match the antique, high noise output of my EP-1 when I use it with IBIS and the 20/1.7 lens...

So I have only the option to use the NEX for when there is enough light and the m4/3 for lowlight. Kind of dumb, when I don't want to lug two cameras around, don't you think?

As the argument of "good high ISO" in combination with fast lenses ie. 1.2 and the like, is still stupid, because you would get also much better output with the same lenses on the NEX if you would have IBIS!!!

And finally.

The NEX cameras are targeted primarily towards PHOTO SHOOTERS ! ! ! NOT VIDEO shooters. So I don't care about that stupid advantage of OSS used when shooting video. I want to make good photos with all lenses. IBIS is the best way to achieve it. OSS makes the lenses bigger (WHICH NOBODY WANTS) and also more expensive.

I LOVE IBIS. And I find it very stupid of SONY not implementing it into the NEX.


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