zoom vs primes in M4/3s, the truth

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mh2000 wrote:

Well, I guess you have to ask why do these "experienced and dedicated photographers" keep shooting primes when pretty much all of them probably own or have tried zooms and are well aware of their benefits?

They also shoot zooms, but zoom output is drowned in the sea of pictures coming from people who are less serious about photography.

As I said, it doesn't make yours or my photos any better, but still...

Actually, I think it's not entirely true. When everything clicks in place, primes do tend to produce better photos. At least in my use, about half of my pics are shot with primes, half with zooms, but most of the favorites came from primes.

fermy wrote:

mh2000 wrote:

...and search on super-zooms (your choice). Strangely, this is where you find the largest selection of mediocre photos anywhere, then go to any prime lens and you will almost always find much better photos.

IMHO that is simply due to the fact that people shooting primes are mostly quite experienced and dedicated photographers, as choosing a prime in this day and age is not a natural act. On the other hand, the superzoom is the most obvious choice for a newbie.

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