Yikes! The rumored Nikon D800.

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Skip M wrote:

Daniel Clune wrote:

If Nikon can put there top of the line focus plus 36 meg FF with weather sealing for 4 grand then why cant Canon? Nikon too has a top of the line D3x . If canon stays with the same lower end focus or even the 7D focus which would be pathetic on a FF sensor (remember 7D focus covers allot more area because of 1.6 sensor) then off to Nikon I finally go. I think many many others will do the same.

I wonder how many D3 sales Nikon loses to their own cameras? They end up competing with themselves. I have a feeling that Nikon uses the top line AF because it costs less to do so than it does to develope a separate one for the second tier bodies. Canon can afford to do so.

I think that "pathetic" is too strong a word. Less than desirable, at least for some, but not unexpected. What are you going to do with 45 points? Too many to select individually, too many to let them select themselves, zone selection is the only practical way to do it, I think.

Well, the 45pt AF covers those areas of VF, which aren't covered by ANY "diamond shape" AF sensor (given that 7D diamond would be as small on FF camera as 5D's diamond is). That's one plus.

Also, while not perfect, sometimes my 1D2N chooses pretty well with all the 45pts. More densely packed AF points mean better tracking with servo, too.

And don't think that 45 is "too much to select individually". Mostly, one shoots with center, but there are certain examples where picking a well placed AF point is godsend.

I definitely don't feel that the dumb consumers need to be protected by medieval AF systems from the horrors of selection from sheer number of points that would definitely confuse them to death.

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