DMC-ZS3 and DMC-ZS8: anybody had experience with both?

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just miler Junior Member • Posts: 43
Re: Differences Between the TZ4 and the ZS3 ?

Detail Man wrote:

just miler wrote:
... I love the earlier cameras and still have my trusty TZ4 ...

This it what I find most interesting about your post. In what specific ways did you find the ZS3 worse than the TZ4 ? Just curious as to your thoughts on that .

With the ZS3 I noticed the skin tones were often too yellow and it tended to overexpose by 1/3-1/2 stop when compared to the TZ4. The TZ4 meters backlit subjects a bit better as well. After shooting with the TZ4 for a couple years, and knowing what to expect, I was a bit disappointed after a 2 week long trip with the ZS3. I had to do a lot more PP to get the same life into the images. Had I not had another TZ, I would have kept the ZS3, but TZ4 was a real Panasonic sleeper IMO.

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