Got My E-P3 this week, Wish I hadn't bought it.

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Got My E-P3 this week, Wish I hadn't bought it.

Been playing with my E-P3 the last few days and wish I had never bought it, because it doesn't do what I want to accomplish. The last year, about 90% of my photo's have been taken in HDR. I've been looking for a small camera that has 5-7 exp. AEB and is easy to carry around.

I have an Canon 5D Mk 2, Its a wonderful camera, but it is too large for walking around town.

I have an Leica X1. Again, a wonderful Camera, but for HDR photo's, I wanted more that an 3 Exp AEB and I don't like the fixed lens

When I read the spec on the E-P3, I figured this camera would fit the bill. It has up to 7 exp AEB, a zoom lens and small and light and from the reviews I read, a well built Camera. I never expected that the AEB would not work on time delay.

I may be doing something wrong, but I cannot get the AEB to work when I set the time delay to 2 sec. This is very important to me to reduce camera shake.

I've owned dozens of Cameras over the past 25 years, but never an Olympus.
This is my first and most definitely my last Olympus.
Most of the Cameras that I have owned, I never had to read the owners manual.
This Camera has the worst UI I have ever seen and the Manual is even worse.

Its extremely hard to find anything in the Manual. Poor index and it jumps all over the place. When I wanted to erase all photos in the camera, It took me forever to find out how. Even though it had a button on the back with a trash Can on it, the button only erased one photo. To erase all, you have to go to playback, menu, select card setup, select, erase all. It would have been so easy if they would have set it up to , press trash can button, then select " erase Photo" or "Erase all photos"

Other than above problems, looks like a nice Camera.

I'm putting it back on the shelf and pulling back out my trusty Leica X1

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