DK has started un interesting topic on A100 vs A77

Started Oct 8, 2011 | Discussions thread
hanugro Senior Member • Posts: 2,339
Re: How he did the test?

Sorry for being a noob but how did he compare A77 ISO3200 at 24mp, 12mp, and 6mp?

Did he:

1. shoot 24mp and then re size that 24mp to 12mp and 6mp using software?


2. he choose 12mp and 6mp in camera and the camera do some sort of 'pixel binning' stuff and produce lower noise?

I got KM 5D and A77's ISO3200 6mp in DK website is miles ahead better. I have A77 but no time to try.

Edit: Also I try original size but why it is still small? He said it is at 5000+ pixel wide. Do we have to become member first before being able to see the large file? Or is it just a small crop of a 5000+ pixel size?

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