No in-body stabilization in Nex. Stupid!(?)

Started Oct 10, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Is this the real reason for no IBIS??? source...

From wikipedia:

"In-body image stabilization requires the lens to have a larger output image circle because the sensor is moved during exposure and thus uses a larger part of the image. Compared to lens movements in optical image stabilisation systems the sensor movements are quite large, so the effectiveness is limited by the maximum range of sensor movement, where a typical modern optically stabilised lens has greater freedom."

I wonder if because of the Nex is short registration distance that this is why it couldn't be implemented well enough???

I haven't seen this reason mentioned, but thought it may be a factor.

Certainly much more of a factor than size. Pentax DSLR's (known for small size) and also Oly m43, some of which are very tiny, both have IBIS. Not to mention all the compacts and none of these are any larger and many are smaller than their counterparts without IBIS.

I really don't see why people keep bringing size up and think it holds any water.

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