No in-body stabilization in Nex. Stupid!(?)

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Re: No in-body stabilization in Nex. Stupid!(?)

Bebrox wrote:

Yes because all photographs taken before OIS and IBIS were invented are fuzzy aren't they?

There's some truth to your general point here. Especially when someone is comparing a system with IBIS, such as a m43 body, a P&S, a slower lens, etc.., with a camera that has much better high ISO abilities, but no IBIS. In such cases, the gap would be quite narrow and not worth worrying about. However, those cases are less common and not applicable when talking about most current APS-C systems.

I do agree about people acting like the sky is falling and you can't do anything without some form of IS. I also don't think the feature should be a deal breaker for almost everyone. The exception would be if almost all of your work needs this kind of help or you are physically unable to keep steady and can't make use of some form of support.

As often is the case around here, your valid point is undermined by taking it too far the other way, as seen below.

I read a lot of comments where people seem to believe that stabilisation is touted as the 'be all and end all' in digital photgraphy. They bang on about 'legacy lenses' and how brilliant an IBIS equipped camera is. When you look at the mentioned 'legacy lens' you see apertures as wide as 1.2, with this wide aperture comes a fast shutter speed negating the requirement for Image Stabilisation.

It still helps when in low light to have as much leeway as possibly to keep your ISO down, shutter speed and quality up. Furthermore, you don't always want to shoot at a large aperture for DOF reasons. There is nothing wrong with wanting the most you can get out of modern technology.

I think some users are starting to wake up to the fact that IBIS/OIS can cause issues with the output in many circumstances.

Like what???

The only thing I know of is when you're on a tripod and at that point it's not needed anyhow. Please site sources when making such claims that go against the grain of what's largely accepted as a very effective system.

What happened to using the correct aperture and shutter speed coupled with bracing the camera i.e. good technique? I am amazed that all of my film SLR cameras took great photos as all with out Image Stabilisation.

Nothing happened to it. You should still be doing that and then getting even more abilities with stabilization. Again, you position is undermined by implying that just because someone likes a certain feature their technique is lacking.

Explore the Hand Held Twilight mode in the NEX and discover what it can do in really lowlight, the results are amazing.

Handy feature, but only in jpeg and better can be done in post. Again, it would still benefit even further with stabilization.

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