No in-body stabilization in Nex. Stupid!(?)

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Why no in-body SSS?

RobertSigmund wrote:

The reason was size. In body I S needs space in the body, and they wanted the body to be as small as possible.

Actually, they have a somewhat similar mechanism in there just for dust removal, so I don't think it is primarily about space.... There are several reasons I see:

1. Sony has invested a lot in doing multi-image alignment and processing in the camera, and they have implemented multi-shot stabilization that works with any lens without having to know its focal length (which is the real reason you need chipped adapters for body SSS A-mount cameras).

2. Judging by my A55, sensor-shift SSS is responsible for sensor heating that shortens maximum video length by something like 40%.

3. Sony is making new lenses for E-mount anyway, and most review sites seem to feel lens stabilization works a little better than sensor shift -- so why fight with reviewers?

That said, I do agree that lack of sensor-shift SSS is a fairly serious mistake given the (unexpectedly?) significant market for NEX as the universal acceptor of 135-format lenses.

Combining multi-shot and sensor-shift in the A55 works wonders. As I've said before, sensor-shift works better to compensate camera movement, while the multi-shot processing can actually reduce blurring due to subject movement. Of course, Sony still needs to fix the user interface so lens focal length (and perhaps other EXIF info) can be specified for unchipped lenses....

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