No in-body stabilization in Nex. Stupid!(?)

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Re: No in-body stabilization in Nex. Stupid!(?)

I would agree that it was a mistake for Sony to omit IBIS from the NEX range. It's possible this was done to minimise the depth of the body and having the slimmest mirror-less systems camera was one of Sony's design and marketing objectives. (Although reducing heat dissipation may have played it's part). However, this comes at the expense of either adding complexity or cost to lenses by implementing OS or doing without.

However, perhaps not all is lost. I can't see any reason why a future NEX couldn't offer IBIS as it wouldn't effect the lens register as it's just the sensor mount that moves and that is behind the focal plane. Of course the body would have to be a couple of millimetres thicker to accept the mechanism, but that's hardly a fatal issue.

For those that cite video as an issue, I have two responses. Firstly, IBIS and lens-based OS are not mutually exclusive provided that there is an interlock which stops both being active at the same time. With a (relatively) new mount it ought to be possible to automate this handshake between lens and camera (Sigma produce OS lenses for A-Mount, albeit the switching of IS systems has to be manual). Secondly, with video it is possible to produce electronic stabilisation (as is done with the A77). This is not an acceptable system for still images, but with moving ones, it can be made to work as very slight blurring of individual frames is not generally a problem. It's also worth noting that Sony's current zoom NEX range isn't ideal for video anyway. Such lenses really require smooth power-zoom if that function is used during shooting. As such, it's very likely the needs of video-orientated and stills-orientated E-Mount lenses will be different.

So here's a plea Sony. Consider producing an NEX with IBIS. The technology can surely be adapted relatively easily, and it would mean smaller still image lenses could be produced.

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