Resolution question - PLEASE help!!

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Resolution question - PLEASE help!!

This may be a reallly stupid question but I'm hoping someone can help me!....

I've got some images that I want to print out (around 16x14 size). I have found a good print company but they require min of 300dpi/ppi (assume these are the same - dots/pixels!).

I've done some work in LR3 and some in PS-CS5 (some images just in LR3 / some using both) and saved the files as jpegs at 'highest quality'. I've shot RAW so used the RAWs to do the adjustments on, and the D90 is set up to shoot largest size (1488 x 1428 or whatever the measurements are).....

However, when I've exported from LR3, the metadata is showing that the files are only 240 ppi (same on both the 'edited' and 'original NEFF' files.....

Obviously if i try and change the ppi to say 300 or 600, the file size stays exactly the same as it's not going to 'improve' the image if only 240 ppi in the first place so I'm wondering:

  • is it something I've done wrong in the camera settings initially (assume not as all 'highest' settings

  • is it something i've just done in LR3/PS when saving the final version (although can't see this being the case as the original NEFF straight off the camera seems to be the same)?

  • do I need to re-do my edits and save as higher ppi file?

  • is the 240 ppi just misleading and actually absolutely fine and I'm looking at the wrong thing???

  • something else that I'm missing?

Apologies, I'm new to both Mac and also to full PS & LR3 packages & although into digital photography, am struggling with the 'techy' side of things (yes, female too!! Although my hubby has also tried to help and he can't fathom it out either so hopefully not just a 'female' thing ).....

Please help - I've just done my first 'test' job for a client and need to get the photos printed so don't want to fall at this last hurdle!

Many thanks in advance!


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