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My set up is mostly for focus stacking with the StackShot motorised rail device for small product photography, machined components, watches etc. The camera is tethered to a PC using Helicon Focus remote control software.

For insects or wildlife, I'd always use a macro-flash like the Canon twin lite but for a static set up an inanimate objects, continuous light would be better.

When the camera and lens is moved by tiny amounts as with StackShot system, the lights need to be stationary. Flashes can be used off camera in fixed positions while the camera moves but continuous light would give me a much easier control over shadows - like modelling lights - and the result monitored with Liveview on the PC screen. Also, when you're shooting anything up to 200 stacked shots for a single image, it represents an awful lot of flashgun wear and tear.



Cerumen wrote:

Consider why you want LEDs. The expensive ones are a whole lot brighter than the cheap panels, and even an expensive panel puts out less light than any shoe mount flash (using similar shutter speeds). If you're after softer light, and that's why you want a panel, consider adding a Lumiquest diffuser to the flash. This will easily soften the light as much as an LED panel, and you'll have all the power you need.

Also, any continuous light source will be more disturbing to critters than a flash will. Continuous lights are good for video, but for still image purposes, a flash has too many solid advantages.

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