3 days in Paris: how to behave

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Re: 3 days in Paris: how to behave

Airelle wrote:

I had the "priviledge" of having to show a picture I had just taken at the Copenhagen airport (the front of the lego store in the international terminal) last june by security guys who were walking by. They also clearly told me that it was to be my one and only picture inside the terminal, too (the security area had a "no camera" sign, but the terminal did not, and neither did the main hall where one checks in).

Ok, they're not "TSA folk", but the idea's the same, and I wouldn't put it past actual TSA agents to act worse if given the opportunity.

I still don't know what TSA means, but as far as I know, the only area with restriction concerning photography is the security check area, where the sign is. I have taken many images inside the terminal and never been bothered by anyone there, although in my experience Copenhagen airport has the unfriendliness security officers I have ever seen anywhere in Europe, so I do believe your story. I am a frequent traveller in and out of Copenhagen with about 15-20 flights per year, so I guess I was not just lucky, but maybe you were unlucky and met the guy with the tiny #¤%& and a pea size brain who wanted to demonstrate his strength and power and you looked like a nice offer to be abused. Did you as why he wanted to see your image and if he had a

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