***** RESULTS Challenge no. 129- Natural HDR!- *****

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Flat view
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***** RESULTS Challenge no. 129- Natural HDR!- *****

Here go the results from the challenge # 129 : Natural HDRs.

Like dread_tai before me, I also had hard times deciding which photo could be the winner. In fact I like all the entries, though some are not so natural to my taste (challenge wise) or on the border.

I tried to concentrate first on the look (natural or not- again to my eyes), then on the technical aspect of the challenge to compress the dynamic range (the greater the better) and still have contrast and last but not least the photographic interestingness of the subject being tonemapped/enfused.

Also, when a member posts more than one photo, according to the rules of the challenge the first one is accepted by default (there were sereval guys who uploaded more than 1 photo).

I would like to thank all participants who submitted a photo to the challenge and expressed their vision for natural HDR/DRI. Also special thanks to all forum members for not starting flame about the subject of the challenge and thus all be able to enjoy the nice photos submitted here!

I wanted to say few words about each photo in no particular order. I spent a good part of the day trying to write my impressions from the entered photos. This is again my personal vision, anyone can disagree

Aborigene with farm field
great view, nice panorama, some hard shadows could be avoided

amdamdeath with rock climber in a gorge

great POV, very natural (congrats), the climber is not easily spotted and some highlights clipping is present, though does not distract much

Conor Nolan with Lowtown Sunset

great composition and time of day, wish I was on that boat. Could have benefited to me from some noise reduction and a bit greater dynamic range captured.

crsantin with Abandoned Ship

great subject for photography, I would like to see some more detail on the ship's bottom.

CuriousMark with Brno Centrum Nightlife
I would love to see some more light and ghosts in that photo

D7K-AR with My Friend's Home in Switzerland

great house! I guess in Switzerland they need such roofs because of snowy winters. The house on the back looks strange and the sky could have been a bit clearer from noise.

erik6 with Prada Pub in Galery Lafayette Paris
great POV, the dome is awesome but the reds are on the high level for me.

fotophool both entries:

like them a lot, really nice photos! could have been winners for a "regular" HDR challenge. I personally like the second one better.

fromero with Toledo's Cathedral

very natural (congrats). great architecture. I would love to see that shot with straight lines and less distortion(maybe 2x2 panorama)

gasman3313 with Mpls Sculpture Garden

great photo and sculpture! lacks some detail to my eyes and has a bit of a dreamy look.

Greg Norrell with Early Morning in the Tetons along Jackson Lake

really awesome panorama! great view! maybe if the trees on the front were toned down one could concentrate on the mountain which could have benefited from some more detail and contrast, again to my eyes. Wish I visited that place! Lovely!

gregp701 with the waterfall photo

like it a lot! The overall look and the detail on the rocks. Waterfalls just beg for dreamy look and "regular" HDR effect. This photo could easily be a winner in another HDR challenge!

k5mitch with The Thaw
The same as above, realy great photo and catches the eyes!

Kazzaz with move your feet , feel how sweet

really dynamic photo and challenging light conditions. Still a bit too dreamy for this particular challenge.

Priscilla Messinger with Front doors, Gale Free Library, Holden, MA

Really aweome photo, both from technical and architectural point of view. The stone and wood I see have benefited a lot from the post processing, really like the effect!

R Dunlop with 'Big Bell' hotel, ghost town Western Australia

I like such kind of sceneries a lot, and they do like the HDR effects. This one looks like from Mars, really great photo (HDR and decay go so well together) and a winner for another "regular" HDR challenge.

RATTLER with 3 entries.

I love these, and the third one looks like the best fitted for the challenge. The second one is my personal best.

RayG123 St. Michaels Church Bristol RI

Great architecture, some more effort on preserving the highlights of the tinted glass would have been great.

rosiesphoto with the bench

I wonder what the plate says and how old is this bench! The green is a bit more to my taste.

VAT69 with Abbaye de Paimpol at dusk

Great, great view, love the road and the houses on the back. I think the tonemapping algorithm has eaten some of the clarity and given a bit of a dreamy look here.

westpark 35 with Bump (though a second entry not considered for challenge)
Very natural, great sunset, wonder what software did you use?

evo82 with India park

Great light! Lovely God rays! For FIRST attempt you did REALLY well! Congrats! It has been a hard sky to capture!

GMack with Lassen Peak and Manzantia Lake

Really nice view! VERY natural! Wish I see that beautiful place one day! Congrats!

guilford with Golden Gate Bridge After Sunset
really hard scene to capture! Like it a lot. Maybe NR killed a lot of the detail

nfpotter with Almost Time to Call it a Day

though there was some misunderstanding at the beginning, I think you did great, very natural, great scene, maybe some more light to fill the histogram to the right wouldn't hurt!


Another great view! Again VERY natural. Congrats! Again maybe a bit more light on the left to reveal some detail could have been nice!

Reilly with Diefenbach From the Porch

again....great view, stunning sky! Like it a lot! A bit more detail in the shadows would have been great.



Flat view
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