45-175 - a video disaster!

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Re: Pretty harsh///

I shouldn't type when I'm so tired that my eyelids would break matchsticks!!

But what I am saying is the jerking up and down you are giving the camera is pretty extreme IMHO. I can't think of any condition where you would have the need to be so violent with the camera? In the car you would need to use an external mic for any constructive use anyway as there would be so much noise from the car.

In years to come you may be the person that is credited for the term 'the boiling kettle sound' when there is a similar sound from any camera equipment.

Framerate wrote:

neroangelo wrote:

I have to say that your movements are pretty violent and I wouldn't think they would be considered 'normal' conditions.

They weren't that extreme! - I wasn't twirling the camera around on the end of a string.

And, if you look at the samples, even when the hand held shots were kept pretty constantly on one sot, the I/S noise continued apace.

EDIT - I was trying to hold it still - which goes to show that, for all its raucous cacophony, the Power OIS didn't bring much to the party

An external mic is a must for those conditions.

Not with the 14-140 and the 14-45, it's not. If an external mic is a prerequisite for using the 45-175, perhaps Panasonic should include one free with every lens purchase?

The clunking at the end of the zoom range happens with all my Panasonic zoom lenses.

I didn't zoom - deliberately so, because I wanted a fair test, and didn't want the 45-175 zoom motor to influence anything.

All the mechanical rumbling and squealing was purely from the I?S system.

The OP's 'boiling' lens is far more worrying

I still think 'boiling' is the most apt description - in fact, I hereby patent the analogy, 'Boiling kettle' in conjunction with the 45-175's Power OIS system

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Slainte (cheers)

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