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Re: What happened to the Nyquist Frequency?

John Sheehy wrote:

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Getting right to the point, a FF version of the 7D sensor would be 46 MP. So, however well FF lenses fare on the 7D is how well they'd fare on a 46 MP FF sensor.

DPR used to show lens reviews with the Nyquist Frequency marked and sited the 1DsIII as the sensor resolving benchmark; from memory many lenses only out-resolved it in the centre. Moving to 36MP I can see only a few lenses hitting that mark in the very sweetest of spots.

Maybe I missed something because it's no longer marked on the reviews; was proven to be incorrect?

You did miss something; the fact that a lens has measurably lower contrast at frequency X in the corners of the image, does not mean that there is no usable information at frequency 2x or even 3x, in the corners. That is the fallacious assumption that most of these gloom-and-doom brick-wall prophesies rely upon, and we see it also in discussions of diffraction.

Yes, a relatively poor corner resolution will also benefit from an increased MP count, but not nearly as much (expressed as a percentage) as the higher center resolution. For example, if we look at DxO's tests (limiting resolution profiles) of the AF-S Nikkor 50/1.8G on D3 and D3x (12mp vs. 24mp), then we can see that at f/5.6 the center resolution increases from 53 to 70 lp/mm (32%), and the corner resolution only increases from 37 to 42 lp/mm (14%).

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