Yikes! The rumored Nikon D800.

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Re: Doesn't that out-resolve many lenses?

rhlpetrus wrote:

It depends, don't forget you'll be looking at a much enlarged image, so all effects/defects will be more evident.

Why on Earth would I be looking at a much enlarged image???

Technically you are right, more sensor resolution means better resolution figures for a lens, but that's not same as actually lens doing better in terms of a final image, just larger = more details.

Actually, it means exactly that. The metric depends only on the final size.

Now why would CA improve?

Because of the lower (1.6x) enlargement factor. The lens needs to have 1.6x worse CA at the FF corners than at the crop corners to be worse on FF. Not that it cannot happen.

Peter 13 wrote:

rhlpetrus wrote:

What about corners in terms of detail/distortion? A good FF lens on 7D may not be as good on the FF 46MP sensor. CA also affects corners the most.

With very few exceptions (the 17-40 wide open at 17mm), a good FF lens is better on FF even at the corners , in terms of resolution and CA. And, of course, more mp cannot make it worse.

Of course, all that depends if you are actually going to print the images larger, but that's the point of having more pixels. no?

Not necessarily. We get more detail that can be traded for better NR, for example. Also, a weaker AA filter.

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