Sony A900 officially discontinued. What you think?

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Re: Sony should make a statement about lots of things

Kiril Karaatanasov wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

Yeah, it would also be good if Sony finally made a statement about the longstanding A700 control wheel QC problem and also made a statement about the longstanding CZ 16-80mm QC problem and also made a statement about the A77 QC problems. So far, I haven't heard any statements about them. The hope is that new firmware will fix the A77 problems, but has Sony said anything about the problems or state that the 1.03 firmware fixes them?

IMHO the wheel problem is only due to people not washing their hands enough.

Yes, and the A77 bricks, CZ 16-80mm, clicking 5N, etc. are all just a matter of not washing hands enough. Oh well, you gave me a laugh. Clearly, you don't know anything about the QC problems though. That is often the nature of poor QC. Some people are lucky and get good ones, some people are unlucky and get bad ones.

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