Yikes! The rumored Nikon D800.

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Great Bustard wrote:

joger wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

there's still a lot I would like in terms of operation (ISOless UI with new AE modes to support it, sensor IS, auto-bracketing and merging with a single press of the shutter release, etc., etc., etc.).

we talked about image quality (and in my case printability) and not about operation and the position of this or that button - or did we?

Indeed. The discussion was about IQ, not operation. Just thought I'd throw operation in there.

Of course many buttons and functions could get an overhauling for better ergonomic usability and some companies show that exactly these aspects can be the USP. BUT in terms of cameras I am used to get it in some way (switched from Nikon to Canon three years ago) and had the fear that I will be lost in searching for the right handling being used to the other brand - in fact I am doing the same things but only better compare to Nikon

Since the aperture ring was skipped by Nikon I really see no handling advantage at Nikon just a different way of handling with no advantage for one brand over the other - having said that - I'd like to get more the feeling of my large format equipment and less AF (or none) and more manual operation

I very much like the operation of my 5D, but would like better AF, less shutter lag, and, especially, a good Auto ISO (or, preferable, an ISOless UI with an ISOless sensor).

For images like these:

all done from tripod with MLU and remote firing plus TS-E 17 fully shift and stitched with 5D II resulting in some 35 MPixel final size

I think Canon's TSE lenses are a good reason to stay with Canon, for people who do that kind of photography. Nice examples, by the way!

Nikon has PC lenses.

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