Yikes! The rumored Nikon D800.

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Re: Doesn't that out-resolve many lenses?

Dylthedog wrote:

More pixels will always resolve more detail, but the Law of Diminsihing returns will affect different lenses differently.

More pixels will never resolve more than the lens can: if you think otherwise I'd love to be educated as to how.

Of course not. What makes you think I believe otherwise? But I'd like to know why you feel that current pixel counts are near the limits of what lenses can resolve.

I agree that the closer the MP gets to the ultimate resolving power of the lens you do get diminishing returns, but that's the same for everything. Sensible people stop spending when they can't tell the difference any more.

Absolutely. In fact, in my post above:


I explain the appeal of the D800 in exactly those terms: such a camera is probably at the point where I, personally, would not care about, or be able to make effective use of, better still.

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