New Noktor 12mm f1.6 reviewed

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Re: Don't get the negativity

fermy wrote:

amtberg wrote:

Your assumption seems to be that there are lots of cheap alternative wide-angle lenses for video, but if that's the case I haven't seen them. The cheap WA lenses I've seen all have some combination of severe vignetting and poor (or what some call "interesting") IQ. Maybe I just haven't done enough looking?

Sure, all wide c-mounts severely vignette. Now, look through Seb's videos, there is one with Cosmicar 6mm in 1:1 crop mode. He says there is no vignetting, FOV is 30mm in FF money and stunning IQ. 4.5mm would have 24.5 mm FOV, about the same as 12mm m4/3 lens. That's why I am puzzled. Plenty of cheap fast 4.5mm lenses...

Some interesting options, but again, not really the same thing. The Cosmicar is a 15mm equivalent and requires filing to fit an adapter. The one I see on Ebay that's fully functional costs $75, so there's that, plus the adapter. And then you are already using crop mode. With the Noktor you can use it at 12mm natively, or in crop mode to give a 30mm equivalent, and there's no filing, and it may turn out to be a good lens for stills (jury still out).

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