Yikes! The rumored Nikon D800.

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Re: A few favorites:

Great Bustard wrote:

joger wrote:

I want to get better photos than I'm currently getting and to be able to expand the range of circumstances where I can capture a photo.

so your equipment is taking the pictures and not you


just a quick one

Sure -- I'm all for quickies.

you can either climb a mountain (which I don't do because I am deeply unfit) or you can drive with your car to the top and have a cappuccino instead

doe it make a difference - of course!! One time you do it with a good pair of shoes and one time you do it with a good set of tires

I agree with the lenses - for the rest I am lost - please post some of your best images and give me an idea which quality level we are talking about?

Tough to choose, but here are a few favorites:

Some lovely images there Joe. Keep them coming!

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