When Are Canons New DSLRs Released ?

Started Oct 5, 2011 | Discussions thread
hesbehindyou Senior Member • Posts: 1,719
Re: When Are Canons New DSLRs Released ?

brownie314 wrote:

well, maybe the canon retailers know something everyone else does not. But if all the retailers knew this fact, I think everyone would know, and it would be a big issue of when the updated camera would appear. But who knows maybe he is right. My understanding is that canon is very tight lipped about when there new cameras are coming and there specs.

I agree. The Canon rumours guy knows more about it, but seems to be under a non disclosure agreement, but from the hints he's dropped I'm guessing no 7D successor is imminent. It's discussed briefly in both of the podcast videos recently posted on his site: canonrumors.com

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