Yikes! The rumored Nikon D800.

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Re: Careful, Part II Well

bobn2 wrote:

Edit: Regarding 'Lately I've seen more D700's with battery grips at games than D3's', or course, that isn't all bad for Nikon either. A D700 with battery grip isn't too far off a D3 in cash returned to Nikon, and each one of those you see isn't a 1D.

I think, there, you've hit the nail on the proverbial head. Using a shotgunnish approach, while possibly causing some internal competition, also has the desirable effect of taking sales away from Canon, by overwhelming the specs and/or price on everything Canon builds. Kind of like, "So what if we sold XXXX D700s instead of D3s, at least there's that many 1D/1Ds/5Ds that didn't sell!"
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