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Re: Sony's follow up...

I have to say that I'm pretty dismayed by this entire ridiculous experience. This is the 3rd Sony compact I've had and loved, after the h5 and R1, but the company overall has really turned into a low-rent, trashy operation.

The repair process unaccountably took just under 2 weeks to complete. Getting the shipping label took 2 web form completions and 2 extended conversations with repair staff, since the authorization kept being repeatedly denied. Then the return fedex tracking number had its first 0 missing, requiring another lengthy phone call.

I got the camera, the viewfinder, and the 18-200 lens, meaning $2000 in toto. The lens came with no bag; the camera came with no body cap; and all of the packaging looks like refrigerator parts, or something at the checkout counter of a car wash.

When you compare all of this with what customer service is like at American Express or Apple or any other blue chip company, it is clear why Sony has lost its way and is doing so poorly.

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