Safe to purchase Sony A77 from DigitalRev for use in the U.S.A?

Started Oct 7, 2011 | Discussions thread
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My DigitalRev A65 purchase experience

I bought an A65 a couple weeks ago from DigitalRev. It was fun to be one of the first people to get one, but I quickly ran in to problems with the camera. It would lock up, it would turn on and the EVF would work, but nothing else, and so on. It was frustrating having an A65 in my hands and not being about to use the camera.

This on top of the fact that it was a PAL version (I am in the US) caused me to send it back.

The people at DigitalRev were great. They did ask me why I was returning it, but only because they wanted to help. When I told them, I just want my money back, they said, "no problem". I have since recieved my refund.

I should mention too that I had the camera in 3 days after ordering even though they are in Hong Kong.

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