Laredo’s service center – double-u-tee-eff...

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Re: Laredo’s service center – double-u-tee-eff...

Papasha: So sorry to hear. Thanks for posting. I would not have dared (and still would not) going at the sensor with a Q-tip and alcohol, but I understand how you would not want to entrust your camera into inadequate hands.

It's a shame really. The damage done easily could be quite worse than the clicking in the first place (but that in itself should not be there of course (with reasonable motion), - I am not suggesting it's a non-issue. It would be an issue to me).

This is not helping just lamenting:

I am now left wondering if there might be a bigger issue and what it might be. I.e. is there a design issue that allows some lubricant or dampening fluid of questionable purpose in a camera in the first place to migrate to areas it definitely shall never be --- or is it just that Sony has no handle on how they qualify and continuously control and monitor their service centers? This should be a repair (nah, it does not deserve to be called that) / modification / mending procedure / band-aid that procedural should be specified to the i-dot such that such a mishap cannot even happen --- if the procedure is any good, if the employees of the repair center can follow a procedure precisely without improving it with their own ingenuity... (both of which I see going wrong frequently in my profession (amongst many things that is).

Anyway, I hope your sensor is alright with no remaining damage and / or traces --- and I sure hope you don't have a slow leak / drip going on somewhere in your camera... scary stuff... If it can happen there, it can happen anywhere...

In a way I now am increasingly glad I get to wait around until "my" Nex 7 is available and reviewed, although, if it wasn't for these "kinks" the 5n starts to grow on me...

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