Yikes! The rumored Nikon D800.

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Re: Well, I've lusted over Nikon's 14-24 but was never keen ...

J A K wrote:

I don't own the 24mm TS-E II but like Nikon's 14-24 my lust level has always been high. The issue is many of my shots require a zoom for best composition; the T/S lens can't zoom and I can't foot-zoom at the edge of a cliff or when backed into the side of a canyon wall.

I used the 24TSE quite often as a substitute for a zoom, both on the 5D2 and now on the 60D. With a tripod it is easy to obtain a 17mm field of view by shifting (countershifting the camera) and stitching. No resampling is required (in contrast to normal panorama shots) and resolution is very high. Simply by cropping, all compositions between 17 and 24mm can be obtained with a resolution at least as high as the full sensor resolution. In this way the TSE can be used as a 17-24mm zoom. Obviously a real zoom like the Nikon 14-24 has big advantages (e.g. 14-17mm range, autofocus, no tripod required to go wider than 24mm), but of course it's not a tilt-shift...

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