Use filters with HX100V - filter adapter is here !

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Re: Use filters with HX100V - filter adapter is here !

TELEMACH vs JENS Sony HX100V adapters: I have finally received my items from Telemach and have compared them to the Jens adapter. Here are my experiences with these items:

I have the following items from Jens: Jens adapter $62.00 including shipping). I also ordered the Jens adapter with hood (discounted price of $54.00 including shipping).

I have the following items from Telemach: hx100v adapter with bayonet mount ($40.00), Lens hood with bayonet mount ($10.00), Massa UV filter ($11.00). Plus $5.00 for shipping 3 items and $1.50 for registered mailing.

Time elapsed after items mailed out: Jens adapter took about 8 days; Telemach's items took 9 days. Since these times are subject to the schedules of the post office's of their countries and the US Postal Service, there is not much difference in the delivery dates. I only write this down to give people an idea of the delivery times involved. I live in California, so your mileage may vary.

Now, to the items themselves:

Jens adapter vs Telemach adapter:

Fit and finish: The quality of the items appear to be the same. They both fit tightly and provide a solid hold on the camera. They both hold additional lenses well with no bending or skewing.

Vignetting: None on both with either a CPL lens or a UV filter attached. Stacking multiple lenses will of course, cause vignetting, but can be removed by extending the lens in telephoto mode. Both appear superb in this area.

Price: Advantage goes to Telemach for the same great quality as the Jens adapter at a much lower price. (See price of items listed above).

Jens adapter with hood vs Telemach adapter with hood:

Fit and finish: Same or equal quality.

Vignetting: None on both items.

Versatility: The Jens adapter with hood is one solid piece. The hood is not removable, thus making it difficult to screw in additional lenses, because of the constricted working area. It is still possible to do the above but does require additional effort on my part to add or remove additional lenses.

The Telemach adapter has a bayonet mount, which makes it very easy to attach or remove the hood and attach or remove additional lenses. Great design feature.

Versatility: Advantage goes to Telemach for this great design feature.

Price: Advantage goes to Telemach for a versatile design with a low price.

The bottom line: Both items are well designed and will please anyone who owns them. I have no regrets in using Jens adapter and will keep it as a backup in case of emergencies. But as of now, the adapter I will keep permanently attached to my camera is the Telemach adapter with hood for its versatility, ease of use, low price and great design feature. It was well worth the wait.

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