Yikes! The rumored Nikon D800.

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Re: Careful, Part II Well

Scott Larson wrote:

Skip M wrote:

I wonder how many D3 sales Nikon loses to their own cameras? They end up competing with themselves.

I've been wondering about that. Lately I've seen more D700's with battery grips at games than D3's. In fact they're getting kind of rare.

I think Nikon's FX product lineup is a recovery strategy based on what they could do with the resources they had, and I think it's worked rather well, in the end. Ideally, they should have had more differentiation between the D3 and D700, but that would have meant developing two camera platforms at the same time. Instead, they developed just one and permed it three ways - D3, D700 and D3x. Freed from having to develop two sensors (by using the existing Sony one in the D3X) their sensor group had the resources to develop the huge increase in quantum efficiency that they put in the D3s sensor, which in turn was enough to turn a warmed over D3 into a 1DIV spoiler. Yes, they have cannibalised their own cameras, but I think you'll find that nonetheless the D3 outsold the 1DIII, the D3s outsold the 1DIV and the D3X outsold the 1DsIII. I'd guess that the 5DII rather heavily outsold the D700, and returned Canon more margin per unit, and I'd think that is what Nikon is trying to redress now. The remarkable technology in the J1 and V1 rather suggests that Canon will have to be batting above their average to even come close to the D4, too.

Edit: Regarding 'Lately I've seen more D700's with battery grips at games than D3's', or course, that isn't all bad for Nikon either. A D700 with battery grip isn't too far off a D3 in cash returned to Nikon, and each one of those you see isn't a 1D.

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