Yikes! The rumored Nikon D800.

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Re: Careful, Part II Well

Skip M wrote:

I think that "pathetic" is too strong a word. Less than desirable, at least for some, but not unexpected. What are you going to do with 45 points? Too many to select individually, too many to let them select themselves, zone selection is the only practical way to do it, I think.

Its not that the 7D focus isnt very good on a 1.6 crop but on a full frame the points are way to clustered around center. That "would" be pathetic focus system on a FF sensor. Iam not saying you need 45 but at least say 30 and better spread around.

So just dumping the 7D focus module into a new 5D would be pathetic. Its focus points are way to centered for FF. So pathetic it is in my opinion. Lets hope canon doesnt do that. Maybe even funnyer would be they dont change focus system at all.

Other people who will stick with Canon are ones who prefer the ergonomics of Canon, or people who prefer features that Canon adds to the 5d mkII successor. What are you going to do if Canon adds an articulated LCD, a better sensor than Nikon's (not saying they will, but what if) and a higher frame rate, but sticks with the 7D's AF? Still going to sell all your Canon stuff and buy a "D800?"

Well a better sensor would be very nice but right now it looks like canon is having trouble to keep up with Nikon/sony sensor tech let alone be better. But of course its possable will have to wait and see.


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