Laredo’s service center – double-u-tee-eff...

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Laredo’s service center – double-u-tee-eff...

(I can't pass clean language censorship control in here I guess...)

When LouReed posted his ‘my 5n click-fix horror story’ I was second one to reply, as my cam was in the same service center for ‘click’ fix repair:

I didn’t follow the rest of the thread; looking now I guess it ended in a big brawl with no clear winners and a lot of suspicions in LouReed’s true intentions. Luckily I stayed out of it…

So, my repaired NEX-5N comes via FedEx standard overnight on Wednesday and as I was home this day, I spent full day testing and shooting as the day outside was gorgeous.

Of course first thing I did was to open the cap and quickly look at the sensor – phew, no fingerprints, I felt so much luckier and better. It WAS just a one-off accident with LouReed or he made it up completely, as some suggested…

I spent a couple of hours shooting different lenses for stills and video and then dumped them on to my machine for pixel peeping for the final verdict. What is that???

I have nasty double blob almost in the center of a sensor on every one of nearly 400 pictures clearly visible at F9 in the attached picture below. OK, I know how to handle those in PP, but it is significantly worse on movies I took, as the darn thing is recorded 60 times per second for the duration of the movie – how the he$$ do I suppose to PP that out now?? See the screenshot of one frame of birds flying by:

I was so disgusted and pi$$ed. Took the lens off, got my magnifying glass and here it is – beautiful oily spill right on brand new sensor in the middle of the cam…

I used the rocket blower to no avail. The darn thing was some sort of oil dried up or other sticky gooey substance. I grabbed a Q-tip, bended it like a hockey stick and tried to clean the spot. Nope, doesn’t want to come off…

By now I was livid. Weighing between spending a day on a phone calling them back and sending it to yet another repair (even if I convince them it was their fault) and then waiting another week, or just trying to fix it myself looked like a no-brainer to me. I got 91% alcohol my wife had in her medicine cupboard and using a pair of same Q-tips finally dissolved and removed the substance…

I shot another set of blue sky scenery in aperture priority mode stepped down to F40 and F16 and although I still had few small left-overs they wouldn’t be visible anywhere close to what I had before.

I let two days pass as I was too enraged for anything human to be said or written, so now I am sharing this with you folks.

I am at loss at explanations how something like that is possible in the repair facility.
Do they wash their hands?
Do they fry burgers while doing repairs?
Do they use spray-gun to lubricate here and there?
What kind of Quality Control is implemented out there?

It got me thinking about the sad state of affairs in US in general. We almost lost manufacturing in here, so there are fewer and fewer people who can actually create something from scratch with their tools. Now we can’t even repair something which was manufactured in better places of the world??

Call me exaggerator, but to me leaving this spots on digital camera’s sensor after repair is in line with surgeon leaving the scalpel inside of the body after the appendix removal (sadly, true stories).

Finally, the nasty cynic and conspirator in me whispers it was done on purpose to spread the word and discourage ‘idiotic’ repairs or some low paid fu$k gets creative entertainment at boring work, knowing there most likely will be no consequences or caring less about what happens tomorrow anyways. I don’t know…

As an additional insult to the injury, they accompanied package with not one, but 3 papers, one of them – ‘Careful handling suggestions to extend the life and functionality of your camera’ stating among others that:

“This camera uses delicate and precision elements. Avoid rough handling of the camera, especially around the lens and LCD screen areas.”

“Damages to the lens and LCD screen caused by external factors, such as shocks, drops and foreign objects in the interior of the camera, ARE NOT COVERED BY MANUFACTURER’S LIMITED WARRANTY’.

I also have nicely printed glossy black ‘SONY’ folded paper with:

“The professionals of the Laredo Customer Satisfaction Center are pleased to have been of service to you” personally signed by Operations Manager Arnulfo Gonzalez…

Last time for me, that’s for sure…

From Movie:

OK, once I cleaned the sensor – here are few shots. I love this cam!
After cleaning:
Sony NEX-5N, Sony SEL18200, 1/500s f/7.1 at 92.0mm iso100

Sony NEX-5N, Minolta 100mm f/2.0 AF, 1/500s f/4.0 at 100.0mm iso100

Sony NEX-5N, Sony Distagon T* 24mm f/2 SSM, 1/200s f/2.8 at 24.0mm iso200

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