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Re: You won't listen to rational explanations.

Or when people misunderstand what's being written, and assume stating a disadvantage to be the same as claiming the demise of a system, or missing the context when talking about progress.

The GH1 scored 64, the GH2 scored 60. Panasonic has moved down, not up.

The sensor of a given camera is permanent. You're stuck with the one you've got. Permanently. Lenses are interchangeable, and you can buy new lenses to old cameras.

The NEX is roughly similar, has vastly better sensors, and have a larger, faster growing marketshare than m43. Yet they can't seem to rise above 7% with DSLRs. Considering that m43 is the other large mirrorless cam, I'll let you do the math on who has most to lose with the rise of NEX.

Jorginho wrote:

Suffice to say I have a different view as to how and why this discussion evolved. Besides: discussion do evolve. When people couple sensortech to a demise of a product as a whole for instance. Etcetc.

I see no growing gap at all. G1 scored 53 points in 2008. Canon scored 61 with the 450D. Nikon D90 scored 73.

Now it is: 60 for Gh2, 65 for the 600D and 80 for the D7000. They have all moved up a bit. Canon least and Nikon and Panasonic the most.
In percentages, m43 has moved up faster than any of those camera's.

If we take DxO's words for it. And this is debatable for various reasons. They do not take resolution into their scores I believe and m43 has an advantage there.

Permanent? Bodies are expandable and so are the sensors in them. Lenses are not. My lenses currently cost thrice the amount of what I have spent in both bodies already. And with more choice, this will change rapidly.

And I take pictures with bodies. This argument of yours inevitably leads to a discussion about more than a sensor btw. I completely disagree with you here.

I see roughly the same IQ of sensor versus a noticable different system.

True and this is more of a concern for other brands: marketing. I agree here.

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