Some thoughts about 36 Mp D800' rumour...

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Re: Some thoughts about 36 Mp D800' rumour...

bobn2 wrote:

Leos wrote:

photoforfun wrote:

  • 18 Mp x 2 as Fuji did or real 36 Mp ?

"real mp" ? Those are not real mp, those are interpolated pixels from a bayer pattern. We could always hope for a Foveon sensor though, but in this case I am pretty sure its just stock Sony. Just smaller sensels in a bayer pattern.

The Fuji system really has the double number of pixels, and on either a normal Bayer, or a CFA covering two pixels per filter. The whole lot is rotated 2x. Half the pixels have a mask with a small aperture. The cost is that you end up with half size pixels, thus a sensor effectively half the size in light gathering terms, with all that entails for noise and actual DR

These days Fuji don't use a mask, they use a faster 'shutterspeed' (the read-out starts ealier) for half the pixels when shooting in DR/HDR mode. The EXR sensor can also be used in a 'normal' full resolution mode, and in a 'low light' mode with binned pixels and half the resolution.

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