Yikes! The rumored Nikon D800.

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Re: Yikes! The rumored Nikon D800.

the AA filter and reduced shadow noise @ higher resolution i can buy. but does it mean that 3x mp on FF will become a necessary standard?

i have seen the images from my (sold) 21mp-5D2 and from my brother's 12mp-D3s. shadow noise of the nikon is better. shadow noise on my 1D4 files is also better.

simply the fact that the pixel pitch of the D3s is much bigger than on the D3x sensor makes the 12mp D3s a much better low light camera. thats what i want...

thank you for your comment. it makes me understand that there is more than just pixel size. lets see if there will be futur cameras with a special spec for low light and how much resolution they will have.

the D3s already has such a spec.
who would like such a thing from canon (lets say with 16 or 20mp) ?

bobn2 wrote:

sparkling elk wrote:

tests between D3s and D3x show a better lowlight performance. means: better high iso IQ. i suspected that the pixel size is playing a major role, but with your remark about i am not sure that this is all. will check that.

Unless Nikon and Sony give you access to their design information for the two sensors, or you spend a few thousand dollars on the chipworks reports, you're not going to find out for certain one way or the other. All you can do is look at the theory and the trends. Neither shows a reduction in low light performance as you go to smaller pixels.

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