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Re: Multiple RAW file sizes ?

ovrebekk wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

photoforfun wrote:

I expect the upcoming 36Mp Nikon D700 successor to have multiple RAW file sizes like 5DMkiii and Kodak 14N which will give you even more possibilities. Also you'll get a very attractive 16Mp DX NEF file.

Bob Newman wrote that SRAW is a bad format -qualitywise- but technology improves every day.

I think that halving resolution is a poor way of reducing file size, in terms of gain for lost information. Lossy NEF compression is much better.

You don't really lose that much information.

Keep in mind that a full size image from a bayer sensor has to interpolate two of three color channels on every pixel.

If you reduce the image from 36 MP to 9 MP you should get a small, super sharp image without having to resort to any bayer 'tricks'.

That is one of my issues with it, the bayer 'tricks' have already been played. sRAW files are already debayered, and you have no control over that process. There is a significant drop in luminance information, and even more chrominance, since the chrominance channels are decimated.

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