Yikes! The rumored Nikon D800.

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Re: Careful, Part II

Skip M wrote:

The EOS3 of film days was an abberation, and I don't think that Canon is keen to repeat it. A camera with a higher frame rate, the same AF, eye controlled focus (which the 1v didn't have) in a body sealed to the levels of the 1v's predecessor, the 1n must surely have cut into the 1v sales in a major way. Why buy a 1v? For the downloadable file info? A few more custom functions? The EOS3 was far closer in spec to the 1 series of the day than any of its progenitors, like the A2/E/EOS5 or EOS10s were to the 1n and 1, respectively. On the other hand, the EOS5/A2/E and the 3 debuted the AF of the succeeding 1 series. So, who really knows.

1v actually has higher framerate than 3, 7 vs 10 fps (both with booster).

It is also better weather sealed (better than the 5dm2). I believe the principal reason for the EOS 3 was to test the new technology. Eye-control focus was obviously a no-go. And I think 1v was definitely geared towards the sports shooter. I actually have one and it is a very nice camera.

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