45-175 - a video disaster!

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45-175 - a video disaster!

Trying my 45-175 that arrived yesterday, I was alarmed to hear what I was sure was a high level of lens noise when shooting video.

However, that was during the day, with lots of ambient noise - so I decided to prise myself out of bed at 3am, when all was still and quiet, to see what the electronic noise levels were really like.

The room was silent, no computer, nothing running n the background. We live in a rural area, so no street noise, and the no wind either - to quote Tennyson,

"Where falls not hail, or rain, or any snow,
Nor ever wind blows loudly; but it lies
Deep-meadowed, happy, fair with orchard lawns
And bowery hollows crowned with summer sea"

Or something like that...

Until the 14-175 fired up!

I shot some footage in the room with the 45-175, the 14-140, and the 14-45.

The 14-140 and 14-45 had a steady 'hiss' from the I/S - unfortunate, but tolerable.

The 45-175, OTOH, was at least twice as loud, had a deeper note (almost a roar) and, perhaps worst of all, varied in pitch constantly - a bit like a kettle comng to the boil

Either I've got a bad copy, or the 'Power OIS' is no friend of video!

Frankly, it's worse than a tape camcorder motor - more horrible because it varies so much - while still keeping its volume.

External mics into a digital recorder would certainly solve it - but that is hardly the point! Panasonic designated the 45-175 a 'HD' lens - but, if by that they mean it's a good video lens, well it ain't!

I'll speak to Panasonic later today - but I think I already know the answer...

Ironically, for all it's roaring and wavering, the Power OIS seems little better (if at all) than the 'Mega OIS' version.

For stills, great, it's a nice lens - but for video, no, not based on my own copy.

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