Local Craigslist ad - trade new 60D for K5

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Local Craigslist ad - trade new 60D for K5

I had to chuckle and cringe at the same time:

"After shooting about a thousand shots on the Canon 60D I have concluded I hate it. Not my taste AT ALL. HATE IT. I had a Canon photographer try out my "dud" and he said it worked PERFECT. Go figure. So it is that I hate the 60D.

I would be happy to trade it for a Pentax K5. This canon is in PERFECT condition, is the normal 18-135 kit you find everywhere. It is now two months old. Last shot taken was #1065. That shot and all his others look fine because the canon guy had a different style of photography.

If you are regretting your Pentax purchase as some do, and really, there are those who do, and just want to switch to Canon I am a PENTAXIAN and will happily snap yours up. You will gain a megapixel or two and get the compatibility and familiarity as well as wide open options Canon is known for, and I will get good landscape photos while gaining about a stop and a half of dynamic range. I can't say the dynamic range would help me, the Canon has plenty. I just don't like the pictures it takes.

If you have shot over 15,000 photos with the Pentax I might pass on it though, SLR's have a useful limit and I don't know what a Pentax can handle. 1065 shots is basically new. Don't worry about the sensor spot problem the K5 is known for, even if your camera has it, and I will take a year old Pentax on trade if all is well with it.

If it is not the K5 NO GO. That is the Pentax I am willing to trade for.

Respond to my e-mail with your offer,"

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