Is it rude to bring DSLR to wedding?

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Yes, amazing.

I was shocked by the numbers of photos. Completely shocked. I have not seen all 1500 of the ones taken by the person who took the 1500. I have a few hundred of those, but he told us he took 1500 and the sequence numbers support that. However I do have all 950 by the person who took those. I was even more surprised to see that those weren't bracketing (none) and very few if any seemed to be taken in continuous mode.

On the other hand, I was not really conscious of these people taking pictures, although I could have identified them as having brought a camera. I don't think they bothered anyone!

A few other observations stand out from looking at pictures from more than a dozen different cameras. 1. Not really any correlation between camera quality and photographer skill. Although the pros were the best compositions (and had license to move around with nothing else to do) the next best compositions were taken by someone with a P&S. 2. Two clocks out of all were set to the right time. 3. Fast is appreciated: the most useful photos were those taken by the person who took 950 and uploaded them the next morning.

I conclude that obtrusiveness comes down to the person taking the pictures and I think people are used to having cameras at weddings.

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