Hmmmm.... S100 or iPhone 4S?

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Re: Hmmmm.... S100 or iPhone 4S?

John.Laninga wrote:

Note that I'm not saying that the iPhone will take better images than the DSLR, or even the S95, there will remain a place for high end cameras. But for daily use the photography field is shifting-- again.

It depends on 'daily use'. I agree with you that the best camera is the one you have with you, or the one that will get the shot.

Sometimes that can be a compact, because within the time one has removed the DSLR from its bag, and maybe mounted a different lens, the opportunity may be gone (despite the maybe 0.5 sec time the DSLR needs to focus and get the shot). That's why I'm looking for a compact like the S100 - not for snapshots where image quality is not important, but for when photographic moments are unexpected and you need to act quickly.

e.g. I often see interesting scenes or beautiful lighting while walking around in the city, but those moments are fleeting. If you don't have the DSLR hanging around your neck (or on your wrist strap) you will be too late. A compact that you can carry always and grab quickly is better for this. For specific shooting where one can prepare, select the right gear etc., of course the DSLR will win.

As for cameraphones, I would not use such a iPhone 4S for photography because I find the image quality insufficient (judging from the samples: too noisy, flat, poor colours etc.). Maybe I could use it for 'documentation' like others are doing - for images where IQ is totally irrelevant, but not for 'real' photographs. But the images from the Nokia N8 make me think again

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